our people

We’re a small shop, filled with great people. Smart people. Busy people. (But never too busy, of course.) Dedicated to our clients, our friends, our families, our fur babies and having fun.


While it may not look like it here, Ellen is top dog at 2-Story. Owner, president and COO(L) – Ellen runs the ship, calls the shots and buys lunch. You want something done, she’ll make it happen. And what she lacks in stature, she makes up for in chutzpah. A UWM graduate, Richland Center transplant, and genuinely nice person, Ellen leads 2-Story with a cheery demeanor and tireless dedication to her staff and clients.


The truth is, Alyssa didn’t like to write much as a kid. Because writing meant spelling, and she was told you can’t be creative when it comes to spelling. Well isn’t that a bunch of bologna? Or wait, is that baloney? Anyway, she’s come a long way since then – being inventive whenever possible, and following AP Style whenever necessary. Part writer. Part designer. She wears a side part and plays a big part in keeping things exciting around here.


Catherine McDonough

A Nebraska native, Catherine McDonough began her career as an agency copywriter for Bozell & Jacobs in Omaha. But just five years into her writing career, Catherine fell in love with design and ran away to Milwaukee to attend art school. Catherine brings strong strategic thinking skills to each project, is adept at stepping into the shoes of many different kinds of target audiences, and enjoys distilling disparate pieces of information and data into simple effective marketing strategies. She is thrilled to have recently rejoined the 2-Story team after being one of its original employees over a decade ago!


Justin our Web Developer Guy

Meet Justin. All-around great guy, father, husband and Iraqi war veteran. Always up for a laugh, our go-to web developer is a great addition to the 2-Story team. Plus, his mad skillz (yes, skillz) with coding and other foreign languages (habla un poco de español) makes him wicked useful, too.