June 6, 2016

digital marketing

Your website and social media presence is an extension of your brand. Not just the Y brand – YOUR Association. 24/7, always open customer service and sales instruments.

Digital marketing platforms like email blasts, Facebook, blogs and apps, in addition to your website, are portals for your members, potential members, community participants and donors to connect with you and each other. They are quite possibly the most important communications and marketing tools you have at your disposal. They also tend to receive the least amount of strategic effort. And that’s where 2-Story comes in.

As YMCA communications experts, we not only know the Y brand – we have the digital marketing experts and tools to help you with everything from search engine optimization (SEO) to robust content creation, website redesign, social media monitoring, analytics and digital strategy. We do it all. But that doesn’t mean you’re ready to.

We understand the universal challenges that come with limited resources and manpower. That’s why we offer a variety of services designed to meet needs of YMCAs at various levels.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at our two most popular packages below. Then contact 2-Story to start the conversation. Digital marketing can be the most effective way to help enhance your YMCA membership campaign efforts, increase engagement and awareness in your community.


Digital Marketing Starter Package

If your Association is relatively new to putting a focused effort into driving traffic to your website, capturing leads (aka prospective members) and luring repeat visitors (aka members), there’s no better time to start than now. We’ll help you hone your social media strategy, enhance digital content creation and increase visits to your website. Designed to empower any Y that is new to this arena, the Digital Marketing Starter Package will give you and your staff everything you need to get off the ground running. From Day 1 through Day 90 and beyond, your team will be equipped with tools and best practices to carry you forward.

The Digital Marketing Starter Package includes:

  • Discovery meeting(s)/call(s) with key stakeholders
  • An assessment of your website and social channels; see where you stack up and where you have room for growth
  • A report containing analysis and defined goals and objectives
  • A 3-month Digital Marketing Kit:
    • 3-month Editorial Calendar (2-3 scheduled features per week)
    • Social Graphics (library of 15-20 images) – aligned with your Editorial Calendar
    • 3 Blog Posts – we get you started – the Editorial Calendar will help guide you to keep it going
    • Email Template and content for 3 sends – subject line/image/header/body/call-to-action
  • 2-Story’s “Top 2×5” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips and tricks
  • 2-Story’s Content Marketing Guide – a resource for turning your entire staff into content creators

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Digital Marketing PRO Package

Ensuring you are showing up higher in searches, driving more traffic to your website and funneling those visitors into becoming members is not just on your radar, it’s on the top of your list of priorities. Delighting repeat visitors with fresh content and making the information they seek easy to find and accurate is also crucial. And, if you’re like other Ys, these areas are not getting the attention they deserve due to manpower and timing constraints.

The Digital Marketing PRO Package is geared to hone your Association’s website strategy and increase your social presence from arbitrary to purposeful.

The Digital Marketing PRO Package includes:

  • Everything listed in the Digital Marketing Starter Package, PLUS:
  • A comprehensive assessment of your website, Google AdWords + Analytics, and social channels
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) recommendations
    • Website design, navigation and content analysis
    • Social media strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  • A detailed report from the assessment, as well as outlined objectives, goals and tactics from discovery meetings/calls
  • A custom Digital Marketing Kit each month
  • Custom-designed templates for monthly + weekly e-mail sends
  • Dedicated 2-Story support person for questions and concerns regarding your account

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Digital Marketing Custom Plan

Whether you have something specific in mind, or simply aren’t ready to make a big investment in the digital marketing realm yet – we will custom-tailor a plan to meet your needs and budget. Contact us with your ideas >>